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This is the professional blog for me, Brian 'Bex' Huff. My writing covers science, lifehacks, and computers. I spend a good amount of time on Oracle Fusion Middleware -- which includes the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology Oracle purchased from Stellent...

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Bex and Degrees


I am enjoying your book. I see you have degrees in
1. Physics
2. Philosophy
3. Civil Engineering
4. Computer Science
5. Mathematics

You are developer for a Content Managemment software company ( or were, seeing now that you have resigned ).

Can you say why you worked for all these unrelated degrees?
Do you have bachelors, associates or masters in all of them or some them?
What is your degree level for each?

It seems like too much and interesting at the same time eh?

Take care

Good question...

Master of Science in Civil Engineering, Minor in Computer Science. Bachelor of Science in Physics, Minors in Math and Philosophy. All at the University of Minnesota. I was robbed of a BS in Philosophy, because they changed from quarters to semesters... but after 6 years I was done with school, so let it slide. ;)

Why did I do it? I started out with a double major in Astrophysics and Philosophy because I perceived them as 'hardest.' I lost interest in Astrophysics, switched to Physics, and finished my degree. Math was only 5 courses over what Physics required, so that was a no-brainer.

Then I decided I didn't want to make bombs for a living, or get a PhD, which limited my career options in Physics. So I decided to go the civil engineer route... do some civil works projects. I studied bridges, dams, etc, but my specialty was remediation of toxic wastes. I got the minor in computer science since it was related to my thesis (computer modeling of membrane filters).

But... then I graduated in 1998, the beginning of the tech boom. Naturally, the tech companies had the most attractive offers, and sounded the most fun, so here we are!

Software is the most challenging field of all the above, because it encompasses so many things, and is constantly changing. But the hardest thing I ever did was write that book. That was a real struggle... but I'm a better communicator because of it!



very impressive and your logic follows well....thanks for sharing.
Wonder if we might have missed out on some nice bridges had you took another route -:)


nice forums

Hi Ben: I stumbled onto your site today and like it a lot. Cool wind turbines! I'm very impressed by the forums, though. Haven't seen them before. What are you using for them?



At first I thought you were mocking my forums due to lack of content... ;-)

This site runs Drupal 5.1, and the forums are a built in module. And I see that you've already discovered Drupal...

I use MidPhase for PHP/Drupal/shell/email hosting... even with all those extra features its cheaper than Bryght, which I noticed you flirting with.

... I'm from Poland and I

... I'm from Poland and I wish that I could write with some people from the other country. Maybe you are interested in ? My emaila- pigula15@interia.pl :)
I'm waiting for the message from you ...


What would be some good companies for me to look at going to work for?
Companies that have something different and that are currently in a "growth mode".
I have been in I.T. Medical sales for many years now and recently laid off.

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