Tell Ikea To Bring Back the Coolest Desk Ever!

About two years ago, Lifehacker did a piece on the coolest workspace ever contest. The winner was "Bryan" who bought the Galant desk set from Ikea... with one cool modification:

The desk legs were motorized, and you could raise or lower it to the optimal height!

The desk legs didn't have to be fixed. If you were short, or sat on a yoga ball instead of a chair, just bring it down a notch. If you were tall, or preferred to stand up while working, bring it up a notch.


At the time, I was using a stand-up desk myself. I had back problems, and standing up while typing was the best thing ever... but on occasion I wanted to sit down, rest my feet, maybe lean back in a chair for a while. I thought, this desk would be perfect! But there was one problem:

Ikea discontinued the desk!


Not the desk model, mind you. Ikea still sells the Galant Desk, and it's pretty slick... I have one myself. They simply stopped selling the optional motorized legs that allowed the desk to move up and down.

I contacted them, to ask if it would be possible to start selling the desk legs again... they gave me a standard line about margins, distributors, producers, etc. I didn't care, I just wanted my motorized desk! Hell, even if they sold the legs at $250 each, it would still be cheaper than most stand-up desks that you can buy.

If you think a motorized desk is a great idea, then please sign my petition! We have almost 200 signatures thus far... Even if we can't get Ikea to start selling it, we might be able to drum up enough interest so somebody else will.

UPDATE: It appears that somebody named GeekDesk on is selling something similar... They have pretty positive feedback on EBay, so they are probably worth a shot. They should be launching an official site for their adjustable height desk soon. Hooray for the internet!

UPDATE 2: In January 2010 I bought one of those Geek Desks, and I like it very much... it's a bit bigger than the Ikea desk here, but it's at about the same price-point. If you want a decent motorized stand up desk, they might be what you need. I'll be posting a more complete review with video when I have time.

I love that desk. I had one

I love that desk. I had one at a previous job and loved being able to work standing for a portion of the day.

Chair for that desk and your back?

Was there a specific chair style/type/brand that you tried when your back was problematic that you felt helped at all?

all chairs are evil...

if you have a back problem, the only solution is a stand-up desk, a strip of carpet, and good shoes. Some people like yoga balls or rocking chairs or aerons... but essentially the human being is not designed to sit for 8 hours per day.

A combination stand-up-sit-down desk is the best solution. A stand-up desk is second best. A sit down desk with a $500 chair is third, but even then you need to walk around for at least 5 minutes every hour.


sorry, NO WAY I can endorse an IKEA product!

Supplier to Ikea

Hi, I was a supplier to Ikea when I owned a company in Germany. I know how to build those desks.

Standing Desk

I need One! Contact me!

Motorised ikea desk

Hi, I have several of these desks available for resale contact me if you are still interested

Motorized/Adjustable Desk

Can you please post instructions to build these desks? Thank you!

can you contact me off list?

Looking for motorized leg parts for my facility.

I am looking for motorized

I am looking for motorized desk legs in Europe, could you give me any advice?

Galent Desk, L shape with extension - adjustable legs

I am very fond of my Galent Desk, an L Shape with the extended ends. But, I also want to have it adjustable for sit or stand.
I am surprised Ikea does not provide for this. But, perhaps you have an idea to use the desks current framing with motorized legs?

Seems others are interested too?


Can ya tell me how to get one?

Ikea table legs

Still making motorized legs?

Re: Supplier to Ikea

You mean, you know how to build the desk legs? Do you still have the patent rights to manufacture them? Could you ship worldwide?

There's probably a good deal of demand for this... I hope you consider doing some market research, and start making them again.

Adjustable desk from Anthro

Take a look at They have desks with adjustable keyboard shelves. I have one with both my keyboard and Apple Cinema Display on the moveable shelf. I can adjust the shelf from a low sitting height (I am short and have my chair set quite low) to a standing height (for me, again somewhat short). Since the adjustable shelf attaches to a fixed shelf, if you are taller you can assemble the desk with the fixed part set higher, and the adjustable shelf will swing through a higher range. The range from lowest to highest position is about 13" -- doesn't sound like much but it is surprisingly adequate. (Looking at your picture, the distance between low and high position is about a foot.) The movement is manual and requires a bit of a heave with the equipment on it, but I can manage it even though I am a feeble wimp. And the desk itself is totally customizable -- I have mine with upper shelves to hold peripherals and lower shelves for power units, on wheels to pull out for wiring changes. Anthro is expensive but industrial strength, MUCH better than any import -- mine has lasted 13 years through 2 moves -- and has very responsive customer service (no, I don't work for them).

$5k! that isn't going to happen

Hey...thanks for the info...but I do not have $5k. Are there any places in Vancouver or Seattle area or Vancouver Island. (Canada US)?

Are there any sites for people struggling with back pain who need help figuring out their car seat requirements etc.?



I live in Seattle. Any luck finding a adjustable table

re: your Update and GeekDesk

Bex -

Glad you found us, and thanks so much for pointing to us on Bonanzle! We hope to fairly soon have a full e-comm store at, but have found Bonanzle a great place to sell in the meantime. Our desks used to be available on eBay as well; if you're interested in seeing more feedback re: what people have said about our product, you can see that here:

Also, I'll just mention here for those reading the comments, that our adjustable height desk frame is full-sized (62" wide), and motorized -- one or both of those attributes is often missing from desks in our price range. It comes with a full two-year limited warranty on both the frame and the motor/moving parts.

Lastly, we have had *numerous* customers e-mail us telling us they bought tops from IKEA (one was as inexpensive as $30!) to complete our frame. Some have used interior doors too. : ) We are working on getting tops to sell with it, as well, but didn't want to hold up getting it out to the public (we started selling them earlier this year) so decided to sell the frame alone first. It's been selling very well, and we've yet to have a single return.

Thanks again Bex -- I hope we can call you a "customer" soon! : ) Feel free to e-mail me directly if you have any other questions.



@Donovan: I'll keep checking your site, and blog again when it is launched. Having good EBay feedback lends credibility, but I'm glad to see you're opting for a more "official" site... complete with a FAQ about what table tops are compatible with your frame. Maybe also a YouTube video of it raising and lowering.

Also, if you need some help with Search Engine Optimization to drive traffic to your new site, drop me a line, cuz I know a true master at that ;-)

I'm on an office supply purchasing freeze until the first of the year... but afterwards, I plan on begomming a client.

available in Germany

I just bought one of these at Ikea in Berlin for 500 Euros (just the frame, no surface), so they're still available.
And the desk frame is actually made by a Swedish company called Rol Ergo (see

Even though the package is kind of heavy, it's not very bulky, so in theory you should be able to get it shipped to the U.S.


Btw, Ikea doesn't seem to have it listed in the German catalog either, you might wanna call and see if it's really out of the stores. It may be that they market it as part of some professional workspace series.

I guess Ikea should take a

I guess Ikea should take a closer look to these comments, paying more attention to customers preferences would bring advantages for both sides. I haven't got the chance to personally use that desk but I can tell it's a great furniture piece. If you ask me office desks should have more mechanisms included, not just motorized legs, didn't anybody ever thought about a completely motorized desk? I think this would be extraordinarily interesting.

Here's another person

Here's another person looking for this kind of desk. I can't seem to find a decent standing desk at a decent price, let alone a motorized height-adjustable desk. I'd buy the Ikea frame in a heartbeat for $400 - $500, and I'll take a serious look at GeekDesk. Wish GeekDesk had some videos demoing the desk.

I use it daily & love it

It was the Lifehacker article that put me on Ikea's trail. Bought it and loved it since. If I need a replacement, would buy again!
Well done Ikea (then) - should keep it going.

BTW, I am NOT paying for the crazy petition site.


I'm confused... the petition site is free for anybody who wants to sign it...

The problem is that Ikea discontinued the motorized legs for this desk. So if you need a replacement, you're kind of out of luck. The GeekDesk guys seem to have the closest thing to a replica, but I've never used it, so I can't give it a product review.


I bought one of the early GeekDesk frames, and love it. We just bought another, and it looks like they sell complete desks now + a small unit, called the "GeekDesk Mini" which is the same except not as wide.

They are very economical, simply designed, and well made. Highly recommended.

Just my $0.02


Hey Bex!

I got a kick out of following your threads from LifeHacker to your own site here. I guess great minds do think a like. It's interesting but there is a small but devoted following for stand-up desks and the IKEA one was a winner. I could kick myself for not buying the last discontinued 'on sale' IKEA model 2 yrs ago but I like many others simply don't like the quality.

The LifeHacker deal does seem like a great deal and I'm considering one myself right now. At the same time, I was at a Dania store yesterday and they have a very beautiful Cherry desk for $1599 using the frame from NewHeights ( If you've got the money and want something stylish, this is actually a much improved design and stylish. But I'm cheap. Before looking into the LifeHacker ones, I'm scouring the web right now to see if I can find a way to just build my own hydraulic legs. Let you know what I find.

Best regards,


Bex -

Just a quick note to let you know our web store is finally online! : ) Thanks for your interest, support, and post here. : )


Adjustable desk

I was one of the lucky ones who got the Galant Adjustable Desk from Ikea. I did not know they had discontinued it or stopped carrying it. I have used this desk to my delight for about five years. It just happens that the electronic switch has started to malfunction. I need to put some presure to the sides with the small key in order to operate the motor. I would definetely buy this desk again. My back does not allow me to sit for long periods of time. This adjustable desk has been a great relief. I get tired of sitting, I push the up arrow on the switch and I stand. When my feet get tired of standing, I push the down arrow and then sit. I am looking for a switch replacement for my desk. I really hope I can locate one. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Re: Adjustable desk

I just purchased the GeekDesk, which claims to be a decent replacement for the IKEA desk. I have not yet set it up, but I plan to give a thorough review sometime next month.

Need a good sit and stand desk!

I need a good sit and stand desk!

try GeekDesk

I bought this back in January, and have been using it a lot since then... it's about $600 for just the motorized legs. Table tops are extra. Some day I'll post some video:

bring back desk!

I hope you/ we have success!

Ikea Galant Motorized Desk for sale

I have one for sale that we never used. Does anyone wish to purchase?

Re: Ikea Galant Motorized Desk for sale

If you have one for sale, please put it up on eBay (or something) and I'll link to it... lots of folks would like this desk.

IKEA Moroized Desk

I know your post was over 2 years ago, but if you are still sitting on a motorized Ikea Galant desk, what are the demensions, and are you asking for it?
phil (

GeekDesk is expensive and

GeekDesk is expensive and their shipping rates are TOTAL RIPOFF, period.

There are several much cheaper alternatives are available right there on Bonanzle:

This is just after 20 secs searching...

I'm happy with GeekDesk

Yes, freight shipping is expensive, but I'm happy with this desk. You get what you pay for, basically. If you want to save money, you can buy a cheaper desktop from Ikea and drag it home yourself. That would reduce product cost and shipping cost.

As a note to the freight

As a note to the freight issue - I found a desk very comparable to the GeekDesk, actually with better range, and freight is included in its $844 price tag...

Wow! Super price

I just want to jaymill and to my pleasant surprise I can customize my table top in terms of color and size. And to boot, I got a pretty decent size table top (30" deep, 66" wide) for a total cost of $383 US! And no charge to ship! Thanks to the postings here I found what I wanted. I'm stoked.

free shipping GeekDesk alternative

I agree with the "you get what you pay for" statement... but also found GeekDesk's freight rates to be a bit steep... did a little more research and actually found this desk from Jaymil that has freight included (it also has a better height range and weight capacity, as well as a few more options when it comes to the work surfaces):

Anywhere outside the US?

Are they selling it somewhere else outside of the US? I am anyways considering having one at a place outside of America where I am right now?

PS: I did sign the petition :)

Oh I am in pain and broke - and I need one asap

I live in Canada - near Seattle & Vancouver -on the west coast in British Columbia (Vancouver Island)....are there any places to buy them near here? I am in total AGONY and at this point I can't even work (from home) and this is a disaster....I can't even type lying down with 7 pillows strategically set up. I work on straight commission and this is a mess...sure appreciate any help on finding one quickly and finding one that is affordable.
Thank you,

short-term solution...

Right after my back injury, I was just propping my computer up on my bookshelf, and wearing a good pair of Dr Sholls inserts. I made sure to take a break every 10 minutes, and laid down for 5 minutes every hour. I eventually got a fixed-height desk from Safco for about $200. My new adjustable height desk from GeekDesk is something of a luxury... but I love it!


I bought 5 small items at Ikea and used the self checkout. I got a receipt that was approximately 44 cms./17 1/2 inches long!! What a waste of paper. I thought we are supposed to cut down on wastage and usage of our diminishing natural resources!
While I'm at it why not open up more cashiers since the self serve isn't always useful. For example I bought cookies and ran the wand over the barcode only to find a clerk at my elbow furiously punching in numbers. He explained that those cookies couldn't be done by self service. ???
I shop at Ikea a lot, I use your restaurant, your food department and your home furnishings as well. I expect more of your services.

Motorized Gallant for sale in Toronto

Fun to see this desk still have legs (groan!) :) I alway knew I was cool...

I have two in Toronto, and am selling one to win back some space. I used it for my career as a film and television editor. I'd love to see IKEA sell it again. It really is an exceptional table that's great for your health. I can be reached on Twitter if you're in Toronto and are interested.

possibly the coolest design i've seen...

I want one like this please...

Alternative to replacing your desk

If you work in a cubicle, dont want to get rid of your existing desk or your boss just wont spend $1,000 or more to help your well being at work, then check out The Kangaroo Desk at This unit sits on your existing desk and gives you even more total adjustment than most full sized desk because it allows you to adjust your monitor height seperately from the keyboard work surface for about 1/2 the price.

GeekDesk alternative

Geek desk shipping rates just went up again - to ship to Canada is $245 for curbside delivery! I found a much better alternative, a company called Multi Table. Here is their website:

I ordered a large electric table for $250 cheaper than Geek desk and to ship to my location in Canada was $118.
That's almost $130 cheaper just on shipping!!

You can see a clip of one of their tables in action here:

Motorized legs

I have a problem with a lot of the motorized desks having such restricted table top space. Odd to pay so much for a table and then have a tiny table top!

So I found just motorized legs for a decent price and I plan to add my own custom size table top

Adjustability Meets affordability

Please check out this cool system @

adjustable-sit/stand desk in India???

Does anybody know of any such desk manufacturer/supplier in India?

in India? Sure

Tel.: 91.22.4005.2688
Tel.: 91.22.4005.2689

White Ikea Galant motorized desk

I have one of these and I have never used it, long story. It is taking up space in my house. Would like to sell it if you are in the Washington, DC, Northern Virginia. Maryland area. Serious inquiries only.

Still sell them here

I was in Ikea today in Helsinki - they still sell them!

White IKEA Galant motorized desk July 11, 2011 ad sold

This desk has been sold. Email of 6/15/2010 and 7/11/2011 can be removed. Thank you.

Lets build another power plant for it! :-D

I´m fed up with our increasing dependency on electricity even where its absolutely not necessary. Yet another socket and another plastic liane in the under-table jungle. What´s wrong with pure mechanics, gravity and hydraulics? Electric stuff for just the hell of it or even to justify laziness is not cooler or smarter, well on the contrary, it´s either daft or for the disabled only. I agree, the height adjustable desk is a smashing thing for a bad back but a simple ergonomic solution would be by far far more practical, hassle free as quicker to flick up and down.

agree up to a point...

Yes, you could replace the electric motor with some kind of pedal or hand-cranked hydraulic jack... but these tables are heavy, and usually support heavy computers/monitors/books as well. The jerking motion of a manual system would probably damage something... especially if the user has a bad back to begin with.

My advice? Unplug the desk. I usually work with it raised. On the rare day hen I work sitting, I plug in the desk, move it down, and unplug it again. It's not much of a electricity hog in that case.

Best Prices So Far . . .

Found this in page in my research for a sit/stand desk. I was looking at the GeekDesk, but found another site with even better prices, and a better warranty . . .

It's still being made - but not advertised everywhere

I first saw the Galant with adjustable legs in 2011 in the store in Malmö, Sweden.
They still sell the combination in Sweden - "sitt/stå" - sit/stand.
Article number (Birch finish) - 698.068.83
I then saw the same desk in the Ikea Wednesbury, UK store in 2011, but it is not shown on the Ikea/GB website.
I have not checked in the UK store recently, however.

At one stage they sold the desk parts independently but it is not clear whether they still do this.
I also thought they had an 'Ikea Office' division where such items would be on sale, but again not sure if that continues.

One for sale…

Came across this. Any idea what kind of price they go for…?

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