2011 Blog Year-In-Review!

I'm continuing my tradition of doing my blog year-in-review in late April... mainly because I started my blog six years ago on April 29th. But, also in the hopes it would stand out more, since everybody else has a fiscal-blog-year-end on December 31st!

In the 2011/2012 time frame I had 204,514 page views, which is a 12% increase over the previous year! Woah... surprised to see that spike, considering I've been feeling guilty about not posting enough these days... altho a lot of that was because my post on how Steve Jobs couldn't program a computer was on the front page of Hacker News for a few days! The top posts from 2011 are as follows:

  1. Oracle Acquires FatWire! And people are curious as to what will happen next...
  2. Oracle Mix Jumped The Shark: a rant against how some folks rigged the Mix system to con their way into getting Open World Sessions. Uncool.
  3. WebCenter Performance Tuning: a case study in WebCenter Content tuning
  4. WebCenter 11g PatchSet5: some useful downloads and links
  5. One WebCenter To Rule Them All: some coverage of the rebranding that occurred at OpenWorld 2011
  6. Collaborate 2011 Presentations: always good stuff there ;-)
  7. Mashup Standards: JSON-P Versus CORS! My opinions on why JSON-P is superior, and an add-on to my popular jQuery Plugin to better support mashups
  8. PowerPoint Tips From South Park: the title says it all...
  9. More On FatWire: additional analysis and predictions
  10. Multilingual UCM: some info on how to support multiple languages with UCM

This year I should have time to add more tutorials... there's some nifty stuff coming out in the next version of WebCenter that could change how people do enterprise integrations. Stay tuned...

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