Next-Generation Oracle Mobile Applications

In addition to my FatWire tutorial talk, I gave one on ADF Mobile. Or, more accurately, I talked about how cool it is that Oracle is going to be bundling PhoneGap with their ADF Mobile toolkits!

I was never really a fan of mobile applications: I prefer the mobile web experience. Every mobile device supports HTML5, which means that you can do just about everything a mobile app can do, other than high-performance graphics. In fact, according to an Adobe study users prefer mobile web to mobile apps for just about everything.

It covers a lot of turf, but there are four key takeaways:

  1. You will need to learn HTML5 eventually, no matter what
  2. Your mobile strategy should default to the mobile web: mobile apps are rarely needed, and add unnecessary complexity
  3. In cases where you do need mobile functionality (camera, bar code scanner), it makes sense to make a hybrid app with PhoneGap/Cordova/ADF, rather than a native app. This means 99% of the functionality is in HTML5, and 1% is in native code called from JavaScript
  4. And please make sure your mobile strategy is a natural extension of your business model... or you'll be out a lot of money!

Hope this helps!

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