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Welcome to the professional blog for me, Brian 'Bex' Huff. I'm a software architect, specializing in Oracle Enterprise Content Management. This product was formerly called Stellent Universal Content Management, but it was purchased by Oracle and is now a key piece of their Fusion Middleware stack. Previously, I was a senior Java developer at Stellent, but am now doing the consulting thing!

I help manage a consulting company named Bezzotech. I am also an author, an Oracle ACE Director, and a public speaker. You can contact me via Friend Feed, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or email:

This site contains mostly articles about web software, focusing on the technological and human aspects of it... including security, performance, usability, and the inevitable new trends (and which ones are actually useful).

Some articles focus on the Oracle Enterprise Content Management suite, and applications that integrate with it. This site also has articles about more general topics, including productivity, philosophy, book reviews, and scientific breakthroughs that I find interesting.

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To find out more about Stellent software, you may also be interested in the email lists from the Stellent Yahoo! group. You may also be interested in my most recent book, "Transforming Infoglut!" It is a Content Management and Enterprise 2.0 strategy book for your business, and is available on Amazon. If you're more interested in the technical side of the Oracle UCM product, you might want to also check out The Definitive Guide to Stellent Content Server Development, which is targeted more for UCM developers, and is also available on Amazon.com.

For those interested in how I got my nickname, please read "The Origin of 'Bex'".


Linking to pdfs from a SS dynamic list

Hi Bex,
I'm late in coming up to speed on Site Studio, having most of my Stellent experience working with the Web Content Editor of CS 5.1.1. Old stuff, I know.
I thought it would be easy enough to tweak the ssDisplayRow property in my Dynamic List Generic fragment to pull back the pdf version of my result set. (We’re checking in Word docs, but only want to link to the pdf version from dyanmic fragments I create.) Here’s what works for displaying links to web-rendered view in a secondary page :

<$ssMouseExtra$> href="<$SearchResults.ssUrl$>"><$dDocTitle$>

Revision: <$dRevLabel$> | Release Date:<$dInDate$>

I tried modifying the href code, above, but have had no luck in displaying links to the pdf version of a checked-in item.

What can I do?

hi larry!

In an effort to keep as many stellent-questions in one place, could you post your question to the Yahoo groups, or the Oracle forums? I have a list here:


I'll be happy to answer it there...


Hey Bex, are you related to Michelle Huff of Stellent/Oracle? I have met her a few times at various conferences and when we were working with Stellent on the OEM deal for our editor.


Michelle Huff is my wife, she's still at Oracle in Outbound Product Management, working with Matt Zelen, Billy Cripe, and Andy MacMillan.

Could you please explain me

Could you please explain me the meaning of 'DOM'


hey bex, I want to how to make plastic recycling mechine?

I don't know...

That kind of stuff is pretty heavy industrial... I don't know if you can make one yourself.

Although, I think the standard process is to grind down the used plastic into pellets, then heat the pellets, and inject them into a new mold.

Maybe you should troll on the MIT discussion boards...

Tell Ikea to Bring Back The Galant Motorized Desk! iPetition


Your web address was listed as the sponsor for the Tell Ikea to Bring Back The Galant Motorized Desk! iPetition and I was wondering if anything ever became of this?


I forgot about that one...

I sent Ikea the list of petitioners today... its only at about 150, but I bet we could get more if Lifehacker did a piece on it again. I'll put together a blog post and suggest it to them.

Oracle UCM versus Sharepoint

Hi Bex,

I am an Internet analyst/developer with Granite Construction Inc. We build bridges and highways, but have an IT department.

I met you at Oracle OpenWorld2008 after one of your talks. I've invested a fair amount of time installing/investigating taking admin, customization courses, reading your book to find out about UCM/Stellent document management (some 5 months now) Our company was considering deploying UCM as its document managment system. Now my CIO told me that I should be looking at other content management systems including Sharepoint as part of our due diligence.

I wanted to get your opinion on UCM versus Sharepoint as document management solutions. What are the strengths of each? What are the weaknesses? Scalability, ability to integrate to ERP, scanning are important as well as the typical document management feature of meta-data, search, workflow, checkin/out, etc. I have been reading a lot of the analysts' reports on Oracle and Sharepoint in the document management space. I thought you could shed some knowledge from the field on what you've experienced. I hear that it is a successful Sharepoint deployment requires a lot of overhead in managing workspaces and folders. Is there a similar challenge in managing the way documents are tagged via their meta-data?

Any insights would be appreciated.


Batch loaders etc

What is your suggested approach to having faxes go into content server? File poller that polls an SMB share, what about 3rd party batch loaders?
What are attributes for batch loaders you recommend?

Please advise.
Thanx in advance

Metadata Spreadsheet App

Hi I have a question. I use a little spreadsheet app that you wrote a while back. It's a great little tool, and it's so simple to use. I don't know if you remember it or not I picked it up at a cresnedo during one of your seminars on how to update content in stellent. Anyway I've noticed in 10gR3 it doesn't apparenlty like the xml being sent or maybe it's the way the queries are translated.. not sure... Do you have an updated version of that for 10g, or any recommendation on what to look at in the macros?

Re: Metadata Spreadsheet App

Metadata app error

Thanks I tried this and I always get an error that says:

"The SOAP request is invalid. The required node 'Envelope' is missing.

Any thoughts...?

Thank you

Thank you for this incredible website! I am about to begin a new job as our company's intranet communications manager. Yes, that's communications--meaning LITTLE TO NO TECHNICAL SKILLS going into the job and I know I am going to get a lot out of the resources on your page. There isn't much on Oracle out there so I appreciate the time you spent on this.

Ikea Galant Motorized Legs

I have an IKEA Galant desk with motorized legs that I have never used, it is still in my garage. Would this be an appropriate sight to see if I can sell it?

I'll buy it Where are you?

I'll buy it
Where are you?

Need To Know how to Add Countries in Country Check in form

Hi Bex,

I'm working on stellent_content_server_7.5.1 version, I want to add new countries in country drop down box in check in form of stellent. Please can u guide me.


standard validate in ecm

hi bex

i would like to find out how exactly to go to the standard validate section of the ecm (10 and 11g). Iam trying to prevent checkin if the user chooses a release date earlier than the current date.how can i achieve this?

Hi, I am using Stellent 7.5.1. When i'm trying to install the c

Hi Bex,

I am using Stellent 7.5.1. When i'm trying to install the component i'm getting error like this

Line : 84
Char: 3
Error: java.lang.Exception:java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:intradoc/common/LocaleUtils
Code: 0

Please help me in resolving this issue


Dynamic dataFile

Hi Bex,

I'm using UCM with ssxa, and I need to access some values from the template inside the datafile usibng Idoc.
Is there any way to pass parameter to the datafile from the template?

Thank you very much


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